I love to photograph nature. Whether it's an amazing underwater creature or a spectacular sunset, there is a hidden force within that attracts me to capture the image. The photo is only a moment in time and as beautiful as the scene might be, nothing can compare to the actual living experience. For the past thirty years, my traveling adventures have taken me to some of the most remote and beautiful locations on the planet. Many of my photos have been taken in the vast area of the equatorial Pacific known as the "Coral Triangle" which includes the Philippines, Borneo, eastern Indonesia and all the territory eastward to the Solomon Islands. It is the greatest area of tropical marine life on earth!

I've been inspired by many people over the years and my special thanks go out to Joe Liburdi, Cara Sherman, Max Ammer & Papua Diving, Fred Dion, Gerry Allen, Mark Erdmann and Dos Winkel. These are just a few of the many people I have met that have not only helped me to become a better photographer but have given me a life long appreciation for our natural world.

Norm Vexler, a resident of Amherst, Massachusetts

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